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Sawyer Jesse Whalen

Hi I'm Sawyer. The most exciting member of Mop & Broom. I went to high school in Woodinville, WA with Myles and have known him for most of my historic life. While we used to be enemies when we were young lads, we realized quickly when we got older that we both liked to hammer beers and play loud music. 

I have been playing music for most of my life, in and out of bands playing everything from guitar to keys, to bass, to even using my own pipes as a vocalist.

While some may consider me an instrumentalist, I consider myself the smartest and best looking one of the group. When I'm not ramming analytics technology down prospects throat at my day job I am usually writing music or in the studio. If i'm not doing that I am likely on two wooden planks flying down the side of a snowy mountain. 

That is all you trolls get to know about me until we become famous so thanks for tuning in.

Myles Franklin

Hi I’m Myles Franklin, the least exciting and most unfortunate member of Mop & Broom. I happen to be from the same hometown as my counterpart in the lovely state of Washington. Against all odds I actually ended up liking Sawyer enough to trust him to start a full blown business. The more beers we drink, the more trustworthy he becomes, still unsure of how that happens... 


I played drums as a young buck, and quickly realized I really liked beating wood sticks against hard surfaces to keep my band on time. When I entered high school, I wanted to be the next Mac Miller, so I went on to record 2 full length hip-hop albums. (They both flopped) 


Seemingly not capable of completing even the smallest of tasks, many considered my intelligence to be in the bottom quartile, something I still haven’t escaped. This led me to pursue the most difficult music endeavor I could muster up in my small pea brain, audio engineering and production. What would have taken the average person 2-3 years, took me 5. I now executively produce and engineer Mop & Broom. 


My days are spent doing marketing for a record label called EMPIRE and my nights are filled with confusion as we try and create more music for y’all. Now that you know I’m the dumbest guy in the room, don’t I seem more approachable? 

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